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Excelagraphix 4200/4800

What is the smallest paper size supported by my product?

12” x 18”

What can I do to print smaller media sizes?

Create a template use media of an acceptable size. Cut a template to fit smaller media. Place the smaller media you want to print on inside the template media.

What is the largest paper size supported by my product?

48” x 96”

How many nozzles does each print head have?

Print heads have 70,400 Nozzles (352,000 nozzles total)

How do you soak the print heads?

Get the print head’s orange protective cap. Place a folded lint free cloth inside the cap. Dampen the lint free cloth with deionized water. Place the print head inside the protective cap then snap the side cover. Let the print head soak for at least 30 minutes.

What humidity is required for good print quality?

The Excelagraphix engine requires 50-80% humidity to maintain good print quality. Values above and below this range can cause various print quality issues.

Should I turn off the machine overnight or leave it on?

The printer and iQueue software should be left on overnight to prevent damage, preserve the life of the consumables and save ink. The printer uses more ink when turned off and back on than it would by staying in a standby state.

What should I do if I experience print quality issues?

Reference the Operation Manual on pages 4-11 through 4-27.