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HWC Heavyweight Champion with PlateMaker 7

Why is my toner not fusing?

  • Check the fuser rollers. If the rollers have scars or wrinkles on them they will not fuse properly in certain areas of the print. Be careful when removing the fuser it will be hot if it has been used recently.
  • Use the correct media weight setting in iQueue for the media being used. Up the media weight by one until the media fuses properly.

What parts am I responsible for replacing on my HWC? How often should they be replaced?

As a rule of thumb consumables should last for the following metrics:

  • Toner cartridges – Black: 38,000 Color: 38,000
  • Drums – 40,000 pages. However, actual life expectancy is greater than 100,000
  • Belt – 150,000
  • Fuser – 150,000
  • Waste Toner Bottle – 40,000
  • Feed Rollers – 100,000

If you are not having quality issues it is not necessary to replace your consumables right at these limits. The consumables, in some cases, can function well beyond these metrics. However, if you do encounter quality issues it is recommended you replace your consumables first.

How do I set the IP address and other network information?

  • Press the menu button on the front panel of the HWC
  • Navigate down to Admin Setup press ok
  • The password will be 6 A’s. ie. aaaaaa
  • Scroll down to Network Setup press ok
  • Scroll down to IP Add Set. Here you can determine if the machine will have a manual (static, does not change) address or an auto IP address (dynamic, changes every time the machine is powered off and on)
  • Scroll further down to each of the three settings for IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
  • Enter the addresses using the arrow keys.

What kind of warranty do I get when I purchase consumables?

Consumable warranty lasts only for the first 15% of life. Consumables that are stored for more than one year can no longer be considered under warranty terms. Contact Xante Technical Support within the warranty time frame. To validate your claim request, you will be asked to provide some or all of the following information:

  • Proof of purchase
  • Printer Serial Number
  • Configuration Page
  • Item Lot Number
  • A description of the problem you are encountering
  • Samples of the issue you are encountering

You will be required to troubleshoot the issue with Tech Support in order to prove that your issue is coming from the consumable in question. Replacement consumables are never shipped unless the problem has been proven to come from a specific consumable.

Why is my HWC jamming frequently?

  • Make sure the envelopes are loaded on the Ranger feeder flap down, flap first. Only rotate the envelope if this orientation is unsuccessful.
  • Make sure the Ranger Feeder paper guides are not squeezing the media, this will impede feeding and prevent the media from laying flat.
  • Make sure the feeder is properly aligned and the media is centered.
  • Check the feed rollers for wear and replace if needed. It is recommended to replace them every 100,000 prints. They should only be cleaned with water and a lint-free cloth only.
  • Other jams can occur because of damaged paper sensors and paper debris blocking the paper path.
  • Keep the paper path and rollers clean. Paper dust can cause media to slip or skew. Check the fuser, transfer roller and decurling unit areas for paper debris and clear if needed.

How do I feed media on my Ranger Feeder?

Please refer to the videos on under the support option navigate to video tutorials. Click into the HWC Video Tutorials and then into the feeder tutorials. Inside the feeder tutorials folder are videos which show you how to properly operate and load the Ranger feeder.

How to print a configuration page?

  • Press the Menu key on the front panel of the printer
  • Scroll down to Print Information and press Enter
  • Scroll down to Configuration and press Enter
  • Press Enter to Execute

How to install and remove consumables in the printer?

Please visit the Xante website at and navigate to support. Then choose the video
tutorials option. Select your printer and go to the consumables section for videos on how to remove and replace all the pertinent consumables.